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Move files or chat fast even without Internet

Connect any devices within up to 100m range or in same LAN / WiFi. Internet is not necessary.
fast device connection


30 times faster content transfer than using cloud
nearby IoT connection


Here and now within 100m range
large file transmit


Any type of communications or file size
free nearby communication


Free of charge. No volume limits

PEERF Application

How does it work?

The application automatically scans all devices nearby or in LAN (WiFi). It also creates a private content storage, distributed on your own devices. Download the app, select destination party and start communicating immediately


Easy, as one click

You select the files - peerF takes care about network and delivery

peerf app screens
download peerf android app

Download the application

At the moment Android app is available
automatic device lookup in vicinity

Scan and select device to communicate

The application will automatically search and connect to other devices nearby or connected to network
send file with one click

Send files, text or share media

Secure and up to 30 times faster compared to your cloud service
minutes you waste in average daily to connect devices and share data
files are sent by average user monthly
hours peerF adds to your life every year

Downloaded peerF and so what?

Available at Google Play or Appstore soon
Here and now

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Research is carried out at grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation
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