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Unbundle software development with EcoOS -
A New Disruptive OS architecture

Use the technology, EcoOS framework or build own OS and save above 50% on embedded applications development and maintenance!

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Empowering Robotics, IoT, Smart Mobility & Cities, Telecom,  Electronics

New OS Unprecedented Features

There were no innovations in computer Operating systems designs for 30 years! OS architectures of the past can not cope with current state of hardware progress and demands of emerging industries & solutions:

Robotics, Smart vehicles, IoT, Embedded solutions, Edge computing, Unikernel virtualization

More than  10+ patents  both for core technology and UX will secure your work and specs to be unchanged.

cloud os

applications just work on any OS version

full hardware access

build specialized OS and reuse software

a guarantee by design that apps will work no matter of OS’ or microkernel’ generation, cutting software maintenance costs to zero

there are no limits imposed. OS components are isolated and independent from any specific OS or its system library

use the technology as a framework to create new purpose-built operating systems, killing incompatible OS fragmentation and learning time


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be the first to try new technology before your competitors

even know that such features even possible!

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Freedom from "OS slavery"

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due to OS generations support and its automatic handling you don't need to update your software each time a new OS version is released

configure OS only with required components like building Lego (Hi, unikernel containers!). Cut resources' requirements. Start, stop, upgrade OS components in real-time

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developer tool-chain is provided strictly based on standards and RFC's including compiler for popular CPUs

add new features without a digging into source code, just reuse a tested component in a new one. No need to rebuild it, if your platform does not change
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Want to know about our other solutions? Try our RISK-V computing platform for industrial IoT, based on compact Single Board Computer of pico-ITX form-factor

We shall be glad to assist you with solutions design and system software development by setting dedicated engineering teams in your preferred locations. Please contact us to discuss your ongoing projects.

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